What is the best trumpet harmon mute?

Best Sellers in Trumpet Mutes

  1. #1. Eastrock Traditional Wah-Wah Mute,Extending Tube Mute for Trumpet,Silver.
  2. #2. Honbay Lightweight Aluminum Practice Trumpet Mute Silencer for Jazz.
  3. #3. Pampet Lightweight Practice Trumpet Mute Silencer´╝îTrumpet Straight Mute (Black)
  4. #4. Harmon B – Aluminum Wow Wow Trumpet Mute.
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  8. #8.

What does a harmon mute do?

The harmon mute allows trumpet players to play with a variety of different sounds. They could play with the stem entirely out of the mute, pushed all the way into the base of the mute, or somewhere in between. This stem position can drastically change the timbre of the sound.

Should I dent my harmon mute?

Placing dents and holes in Harmon mutes were found largely to degrade the sound of the instrument. This is because changes to the resonance of the mute affects the resonances of the trumpet. This sound and these peaks go away when the mute is modified too much.

Is a harmon mute a cup mute?

The harmon mute, also known as the wa-wa, wow-wow, or wah-wah mute, is available for trumpet and trombone and is mainly used in jazz. Unlike the cup and straight mutes, it has a cork that completely blocks airflow around the mute.

Can you mute a trumpet?

A mute changes the sound of the brass instrument in a certain way depending on the type of mute used. Generally, a mute for a brass instrument (trumpet, trombone, French horn, baritone horn, euphonium, tuba, etc) lowers the volume and alters the timbre (tonal quality) of the instrument.

What are the different types of trumpet mutes?

8 Different Trumpet Mutes and How To Use Them Straight Mute. The straight mute is the most common of the trumpet mutes. Cup Mute. The cup mute is a mute used mostly in jazz music. Plunger Mute. One of the more unique sounds produced on the trumpet is with a plunger mute. Harmon Mute. Bucket Mute. Derby Mute. Practice Mute.

What is trumpet mute called?

The most common mute for a trumpet is called a “straight” mute. It’s a closed cone with three cork strips on the end that goes into your bell. The cork strips do two things. First, it’s what holds the mute in the bell.

What is Harmon mute?

The Wah-wah mute (also known by the brand name Harmon) is a hollow, bulbous mute in two parts. Unlike the more common straight or cup mutes, the Harmon mute has a solid ring of cork that completely blocks the air leaving the bell, forcing all of it into the mute.