What kind of plane is ATR 72?

twin-turboprop passenger
The ATR 72 is one of a family of twin-turboprop passenger and freighter aircraft developed and manufactured by Avions de Transport Regional (ATR). ATR, with its headquarters in Toulouse, is a joint venture company between EADS and Finmeccanica / Alenia Aeronautica.

Is ATR 72 a good aircraft?

With its lighter structure, optimised speed and an engine designed for short sectors, the ATR 72-600 is, by far, the most fuel efficient regional aircraft. ATR’s fuel burn advantage drives lower costs and emissions and makes it the optimal aircraft for regional markets.

How many seats does an ATR 72 have?

ATR 72/Number of seats

How long can you fly ATR 72?

Additionally, the ATR 72-600 can easily climb to its cruising altitude at a rate of 1255 ft/min. Once it reaches its full cruise speed it will travel at an impressive 510 km/h at a ceiling of 25,000 f. The aircraft has a maximum range of 2065 miles, but if all of the seats are full, then it will only reach 1952 miles.

Is ATR 72 safe to fly?

The ATR 72 worldwide does not have a great safety record, the recent Transasia crashes being examples. However, Jet Airways overall safety record is very good, so I would not worry. The probability of a plane crash (even on an ATR 72) is significantly less than a road accident on the streets of Calcutta.

Does ATR 72 board from front or back?

In the majority of configurations, passengers board the ATR 72 using the rear door, a relatively unusual configuration for a passenger aircraft, while the front door is typically used for the loading and unloading of cargo; early customer Finnair intentionally ordered its ATR 72s with a front passenger door so that it …

What is ATR stand for?


Acronym Definition
ATR Average True Range (financial indicator)
ATR At the Races
ATR Automatic Target Recognition
ATR Attribute

Is ATR safe?

When did the ATR 72 come into service?

The ATR-72 is a stretched development of the popular ATR-42 and was launched in January 1986. The first of three ATR-72 development aircraft flew for the first time on October 27 1988, followed by the awarding of French and then US certification in late 1989. Entry into service was on October 27 1989 with Kar Air of Finland.

Is the ATR 72-600f a freighter aircraft?

The ATR 72-600F is the only new purpose-built regional freighter on the market. It incorporates all the latest technology featured in the ATR-600 series while boasting a design optimised for freighter operations. Delivered in 2020, the ATR 72-600F is set to become the new benchmark in the regional air cargo industry.

What’s the difference between the ATR 72 and 72-500?

Compared to the ATR72-200 productivity of the ATR 72-500 is improved as the result of increase engine power,significantly extending the payload and range capability. The ATR72-500 can easily be identified by its new 6 blades propeller.with a reduced diameter and slower rotational speed.

How many seats are in an Aerospatiale ATR 72?

The ATR-72 is manufatured, as the ATR42 by Aerospatiale from France and Alenia from Italy. The ATR 72 is derived from ATR42, with its fuselage extended by 4.5 meters to increase the passenger capacity 64-72 seats (ATR42 has capacity only 42-52 seats).