What nerve exits L4 and L5?

Example: The L5 nerve root is the traversing nerve root at the L4-L5 level, and is the exiting nerve root at the L5-S1 level.

What does the L5 nerve control?

The L5 nerve supplies the nerves to the muscles that raise the foot and big toe, and consequently, impingement of this nerve may lead to weakness in these muscles. Numbness for L5 runs over the top of the foot. Pinched nerve at S1.

What can a neurologist do for sciatica?

MicrodiscectomyDuring this procedure, the neurosurgeon employs specialized microscopes to removed damage or herniated discs. If these discs are impinging on the sciatic nerve, this may relieve the sciatica.

What are the symptoms of L4 and L5 nerve damage?


  • and compression by a disc can interfere with this function or send false signals.
  • Weakness. Your brain sends impulses through nerves to tell your muscles to contract.
  • Warnings.
  • Where is L4 and L5 located?

    The L5 disc makes up part of the lumbar region of the back, or the lower back area. Each one of the vertebrae that are found here are numbered, from L1 to L5, and discs are found in between the vertebrae. This disc is located between the L4 and the L5 vertebrae. This part of the back needs to be quite mobile,…

    What is L4 pain?

    L4 is one of the nerve roots which eventually join together to form the sciatic nerve. L4 is also a commonly implicated nerve in many lower back pain syndromes, due to its proximity to the spinal region which suffers the most degeneration in the human body.

    Were is disc L4 and L5 located in the spine?

    The L4 and L5 are the two lowest vertebrae of the lumbar spine. Together with the intervertebral disc, joints, nerves, and soft tissues, the L4-L5 spinal motion segment provides a variety of functions, including supporting the upper body and allowing trunk motion in multiple directions. 1