What rappers were big in 2015?

Here are the top 10 best rappers of 2015….Independent artists: learn how to build a fanbase and make money from your music.

  1. Best Rapper Alive – Drake.
  2. Best Rapper Alive – Kendrick Lamar.
  3. Best Rapper Alive – Future.
  4. Best Rapper Alive – Young Thug.

Who are underrated rappers?

They might not have the spotlight, but that doesn’t mean underrated hip hop artists like Rico Nasty, AZ, and Stefflon Don aren’t worthy of praise for releasing fire albums and song collaborations, as well as heading out on worldwide tours. Other underrated 2019 rappers include Supa bwe, NF, and Hopsin.

Who is the shortest mainstream rapper?

Shortest Rappers

Name Height
Eminem 5’8″
Lil Wayne 5’5″
Lil Jon 5’6″
Kendrick Lamar 5’6″

What’s the most underrated rapper?

Find out if your favorite emcee is on this list of the 10 most underrated rappers.

  • Immortal Technique. WireImage / Getty Images.
  • Beanie Sigel. WireImage / Getty Images.
  • Jean Grae. WireImage / Getty Images.
  • Royce da 5’9″ WireImage / Getty Images.
  • Black Thought. Redferns / Getty Images.
  • Wise Intelligent.
  • Sean Price.
  • Masta Ace.

Is Drake really 6ft?

Drake is 22 feet tall.

Who was the fattest rapper?

The 10 Best Fat Rappers of All Time

  • Rick Ross To be honest, Rick Ross should probably be higher on this list, but he’s lost (and gained) a ton of weight over the course of his career, so we knocked him down a few spots.
  • Biz Markie Biz Markie was on the cusp of irrelevance for quite some time.

Who are the non Southern rappers in rap?

Non-Southern rappers like A$AP Rocky, French Montana, and a fake-accented Iggy Azalea have also risen to prominence in part due to the Southern-flavored nature of their music. Even the outer space/aliens trope explored by everyone from Lil Wayne to Future can find some of its roots in OutKast’s ATLiens.

Are there any real rappers in hip hop?

The only Hip-Hop they’re aware of is the bullshit that gets aired on mainstream radio and television. What’s funny is, that when you bring up “real” rappers in an argument; more often than not the artists themselves have since disappeared off the face of the map.

Who are some of the worst hip hop artists?

But go through the years and you will realise that even during this time, seeds were planted, bad decisions were made, and sell-outs would emerge that would later destroy Hip-Hop as we know it… Many classic Hip-Hop albums were released this year including LP’s from Eric B & Rakim, Kool G Rap & DJ Polo, and Lord Finesse & DJ Mike Smooth.

Who are some rappers that are influencing rap?

Atlanta trap star Gucci Mane is a patron saint of Chicago’s drill scene. Drake is Lil Wayne’s protégé and a huge UGK stan. Nicki Minaj, despite her abundance of unique quirk, occasionally channels the Notorious B.I.G. ( “Four Door Aventador”) and KRS-One (“Monster”).