What wineries does Foley Family Wines own?

About Foley Family Wines Foley Family Wines owns the following properties in California: Foley Sonoma (Geyserville), Chalone Vineyard (Monterey), Foley Estates (Sta.

Who purchased Ferrari-Carano?

Bill Foley
Sonoma’s Ferrari-Carano Vineyards purchased by wine mogul Bill Foley. June 9, 2020 Updated: June 9, 2020 4:46 p.m. Bill Foley’s growing California wine empire, Foley Family Wines, will add another marquee brand to its portfolio: Sonoma County’s Ferrari-Carano Vineyards and Winery.

Who owns Foley Johnson winery?

Foley Family Wines Holdings, Inc
Foley Johnson Winery is one of three Napa Valley based wineries owned under the parent company, Foley Family Wines Holdings, Inc – the others being Kuleto Estate and Merus along with a Foley Food & Wine Society tasting room located at the Vista Collina Resort, just south of the city of Napa.

Who owns Roaring Meg?

Bill Foley is an American billionaire whose Foley Family Wines Holdings has the majority stake in Foley Wines, which owns wine brands including Mt Difficulty, Te Kairanga, Vavasour, Roaring Meg, Dashwood, Russian Jack and Boatshed Bay as well as Lighthouse Gin.

What does Bill Foley own?

Foley also is Executive Chairman and Chief Executive Officer of Black Knight Sports and Entertainment LLC, which is the private company that owns the Vegas Golden Knights, a National Hockey League team. Within the past five years, Mr. Foley served as Vice Chairman of FIS and as a director of Ceridian HCM Holdings, Inc.

Was Ferrari-Carano Winery sold?

The Reno native has agreed to sell her Ferrari-Carano Vineyards and Winery of Sonoma County, the showcase property in a deal estimated to be worth $250 million, according to the Wine Spectator, which broke the story. …

Did the Ferrari-Carano sell?

Sonoma County vintner Ferrari-Carano selling to Foley Family Wines. Foley Family Wines has inked a deal to acquire Ferrari-Carano Vineyards & Winery, known for its fume blanc and Sonoma County chardonnay. The deal, announced June 9, includes two Sonoma County wineries and 1,223 North Coast vineyard acres.

What was roaring Meg?

Roaring Meg was a mortar cast in 1646 for the siege of Goodrich Castle. With a 15.5-inch (390 mm) barrel diameter and firing a 2 long cwt (220 lb; 100 kg) hollow ball filled with gunpowder, Roaring Meg was the largest mortar of the English Civil War.

Where is the Roaring Meg?

The Roaring Meg hydro scheme refers to two small hydro electricity power stations fed by the Roaring Meg Dam. The scheme is located next to the Roaring Meg Stream in the Kawarau Gorge, near Cromwell, New Zealand. Roaring Meg is owned and operated by Pioneer Energy.

Who is the Foley family?

The surname Foley is found in greatest concentration in counties Cork, Kerry, and Waterford. It is generally understood to be an Anglicized form of the Gaelic Ó Foghladha, which translates loosely to “pirate,” or “marauder,” possibly implying distant Viking roots.

Is Bill Foley a billionaire?

Billionaire Bill Foley, owner of the Vegas Golden Knights team in the National Hockey League, has bypassed unproven electric-car makers and speculative space companies and instead focused on solid, sustainable businesses. “He’s buying a business where he’s going to own it for a long time.”