When did Consolidated Vultee become Convair?

In 1943, Consolidated merged with Vultee Aircraft to form Consolidated-Vultee Aircraft or Convair. In March 1953, General Dynamics purchased a majority interest in Convair, where it continued to produce aircraft or aircraft components until being sold to McDonnell Douglas in 1994.

What happened to North American Aviation?

Founded by Clement Melville Keys on December 6, 1928, North American Aviation (NAA) was a leading aerospace manufacturer. It became defunct after its merger with Rockwell-Standard to form North American Rockwell—later known as Rockwell International—in 1967. Boeing acquired the NAA division from Rockwell in 1996.

Is General Dynamics part of General Motors?

— General Dynamics has completed its acquisition of General Motors Defense for $1.1 billion in cash. General Motors Defense of London, Ontario, is a business unit of General Motors Corporation of Detroit, Michigan.

Is General Dynamics owned by Lockheed?

Lockheed to acquire jet division General Dynamics selling F-16 program. LOS ANGELES — The post-Cold War consolidation of th American weapons industry continued yesterday with the announcement that the Lockheed Corp. would acquire General Dynamics Corp.’s military aircraft division for $1.53 billion in cash.

Why did Consolidated Aircraft build an aircraft plant in Fort Worth?

History. Plant 4’s origins begin in May 1940 when the Fort Worth Chamber of Commerce was trying to convince aircraft manufacturers to build an aircraft assembly plant in the Fort Worth area to support the massive expansion of the Army Air Corps.

What was the name of the airliner made by Convair?

For a period of time in the 1960s, Convair manufactured its own line of jet commercial airliners, the Convair 880 and Convair 990 Coronado, but this did not turn out to be profitable.

When did General Dynamics stop making the Convair 880?

Only 65 Convair 880s were produced over the lifetime of the production run from 1959 to 1962, and General Dynamics eventually withdrew from the airliner market after considering the 880 project a failure. The Convair 990 was a stretched and faster variant of the 880.

When did the Convair Catalina come into production?

The Catalina remained in production through May 1945, and more than 4,000 were built. What was soon called “Convair” (first unofficially, and then officially), was created in 1943 by the merger of the Consolidated Aircraft Company and the Vultee Aircraft Company.

What was the name of the Convair Super 240?

In response to a United inquiry, Convair redesigned the Super 240, calling it the CV-340. United ordered 55, and more US orders came from Braniff, Continental, Delta, Northeast, and National. Other orders came from abroad, and the CV-340 was popular in South America.