When did Sadda Haq TV series come out?

Sadda Haq – My Life, My Choice ( translation : Our Rights – My Life, My Choice) is an Indian television series that premiered on Channel V India on 25 November 2013. The Times of India said the show features characters from a range of areas across the country that are not common on television shows.

Who is the singer of Sadda Haq song?

A. R. Rahman. “Sadda Haq” is a song composed by A. R. Rahman for the 2011 Indian musical film Rockstar. The film stars Ranbir Kapoor and Nargis Fakhri in leading roles and is directed by Imtiaz Ali, known for his previous romantic caper Jab We Met. The song features vocals by Mohit Chauhan and additional vocals by Clinton Cerejo and Arpit Gupta.

Which is the best description of Sadda Haq?

Sadda Haq is about a modern day girl Sanyukta who dreams of becoming an engineer and how she navigates her dream from her patriarchal set up at home to the engineering college, also known to be a man’s domain. It’s about her trials and tribulations in a mechanical engineering class. Written by Times of India Plot Summary | Add Synopsis

Who is number 235 in Sadda Haq TV series?

Sanyukta visits Parth in the hospital every day for the past two years. She puts her dream of working as a mechanical engineer aside after the international Dream Team competition. She works in an IT company along with colleague and IT Engineer Aryan known to all by his desk extension number “235”. Aryan falls in love with Sanyukta.

Who is Sanyukta Aggarwal in Sadda Haq?

Harshita Gaur portrays Sanyukta Aggarwal, she tries to overcome all hurdles in her life by stepping into the road not taken. Param Singh portrays Randhir Singh Shekhawat, a sheer genius in his field of study, rude and arrogant yet kind and irresistible.

Who is Vikram Thakur in Sadda Haq TV series?

Afzaal Khan portrays Vikram Thakur, appointed as the Foreman in Sanyukta’s father’s company, carries out the internship programme. Meer Ali portrays Prof. Vivek Chauhan, appointed as the new mentor of “Dream team”, alcoholic, later terminated from the post.

Who is the brother of Sanyukta in Sadda Haq?

Sanyukta’s brother Ankit and Vidushi are married and they return from Dubai. Sanyukta finally joins ISRC (Indian Space Research Centre) but becomes an intern of the project “Mission Mars 2020” led by Nirmaan Nambiar, the director of ISRC. Joy, Kritika, Arjun and Sanaya are her colleagues.