When did tax discs stop being displayed?

October 2014
The DVLA stopped using paper car tax discs three years ago – but now some of them are selling for hundreds of pounds – despite being worthless on the road. The old discs were abolished in October 2014, but The Mirror is reporting that some now have a hefty price tag for collectors.

What year were tax discs?

The paper tax disc was first issued in 1921 but was scrapped five years ago in favour of an online system that allows drivers to spread their payments by direct debit. Under the new system vehicles can no longer be sold with up to 12 months tax, meaning that a new owner must immediately re-tax it.

What size is a tax disc?

Size: 125 x 85mm. Small shield shape tax disc holder with self adhesive application.

Do you have to have a tax disc?

Just because you don’t have to display a tax disc doesn’t mean you can get away with not paying it, if anything you’re more likely to be caught now than before. The DVLA has a digital record of payments and a paper tax disc is no longer necessary as proof.

How old is an old road tax disc?

1949 Annual Old Vintage Road Tax Disc ~ Austin Goods Blue ~ 72 Years Old! 1927 Rare Vintage Road Tax Disc/License. Collectibles, Memorabilia, 1920s collectable old road tax disc 2007 Ford,,.. collectable old road tax disc 2000 Peugeot..!! collectable old road tax disc from the 1994 Vauxhall//!!

What was the federal income tax rate in 1980?

Federal Income Tax Brackets (Tax Year 1980) ARCHIVES Tax Bracket Tax Rate $0.00+ 0% $1,700.00+ 14% $2,750.00+ 16% $3,800.00+ 18%

Where can I find the original tax disc?

TAX DISC ORIGINAL- 30th SEPT 1928 QUARTERLY – SIDECAR NEW HUDSON, RARE!! Vintage Classic Original Tax Disc And Holder, Austin. Farmers, Goods Vehicle. Original 1950’s tax discs. Royal Enfield / Alvis / Ford Goods.

Are there any errors on my tax disc?

The data on this page may contain inaccuracies and errors and should act as a guide only. If it is critical for you to have verified data on your discs please validate this from the DVLA direct, or some other trusted source. We regret that we are unable to carry out extensive data searches on our clients behalf.