Where was Jonathan Franzen born?

Western Springs, Illinois, United States
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Who is Jonathan Franzen married to?

Kathryn Chetkovich
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Franzen lives in Santa Cruz, California with his “spouse-equivalent”, writer Kathy Chetkovich.

Where did Jonathan Franzen go to college?

Freie Universität Berlin1981–1982
Swarthmore College
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Does Jonathan Franzen have a blog?

Jonathan Franzen – Writer(s) – Asymptote Blog.

Is Jonathan Franzen still writing?

With the grandest-sounding novel of 2021. Two years ago, Jonathan Franzen told the New York Times that he was working on his sixth novel, and that it would be his last, because “he doesn’t know if anyone really has more than six fully realised novels in them”.

How old is Jonathan Franzen?

62 years (August 17, 1959)
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What is Jonathan Franzen known for?

Jonathan Franzen, (born August 17, 1959, Western Springs, Illinois, U.S.), American novelist and essayist whose sprawling multilayered novels about contemporary America elicited critical acclaim. Franzen based his debut novel, The Twenty-seventh City (1988), in a fictional St. Louis.

Where should I start with Jonathan Franzen?

For beginners:

  • The Corrections by Jonathan Franzen.
  • Freedom by Jonathan Franzen.
  • How to be Alone by Jonathan Franzen.
  • Purity by Jonathan Franzen.
  • The Discomfort Zone by Jonathan Franzen.
  • The Twenty-Seventh City by Jonathan Franzen.
  • The Kraus Project by Jonathan Franzen.
  • Farther Away by Jonathan Franzen.

What should I read if I like Jonathan Franzen?

Writers Council Picks: Six Recommendations from Jonathan Franzen

  • Ms. Hempel Chronicles. By Sarah Shun-Lien Bynum.
  • Absalom, Absalom. By William Faulkner.
  • Corregidora. By Gayl Jones.
  • Independent People. By Halldór Laxness.
  • The Beggar Maid. By Alice Munro.
  • The Man Who Loved Children. By Christina Stead.

When was Jonathan Franzen born and how old is he?

Jonathan Earl Franzen (born August 17, 1959) is an American novelist and essayist.

What kind of book is the corrections by Jonathan Franzen?

Jonathan Earl Franzen (born August 17, 1959) is an American novelist and essayist. His 2001 novel The Corrections, a sprawling, satirical family drama, drew widespread critical acclaim, earned Franzen a National Book Award, was a Pulitzer Prize for Fiction finalist, earned a James Tait Black Memorial Prize…

When did Jonathan Franzen win the National Book Award?

For the 1992 class, Franzen invited David Foster Wallace to be a guest judge of the workshop pieces. Franzen’s The Corrections, a novel of social criticism, garnered considerable critical acclaim in the United States, winning both the 2001 National Book Award for Fiction and the 2002 James Tait Black Memorial Prize for fiction.

Who are the authors of Jonathan Franzen’s books?

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