Who does Ayumu Aikawa like?

As of Volume 9, all girls have feelings for Ayumu, except for Ariel who looks at him as an interesting human, Nene who regards him as her assistant, and Mihara who has feelings for Orito.

Does Yuu like Ayumu?

Ayumu and Yuu respect and admire each other a lot, often complimenting the other.

Who killed Aikawa Ayumu?

Kyoko is one of the main antagonists of the novel and anime series Is This A Zombie? She is the serial killer who murdered Ayumu Aikawa. She was voiced by Noriko Shitaya in the Japanese version of the anime, and Lindsay Seidel in the English version.

Does EU like Ayumu?

Eu mostly sees Ayumu as her servant that she resurrected from the dead, although, after their experiences in the first season, it’s plausible she sees him as a little bit more than just a servant, but it’s tough to tell.

Is there romance in Is This a Zombie?

There is romance, but it isn’t really conclusive. The most you get from the romance is some nice moments of mutual understanding between the charcters. The shows best point IMO is the hilarious slapstick comedy. It’s definitely worth a watch (just make sure you’re ok with some weird humor).

Is Kore wa Zombie desu ka good?

Kore wa Zombie Desu ka? is a mixed bag. At its best, it’s a surreal comedy with plenty of amusing moments. At its worst it’s a dull story spaced between bout of cliché harem anime conventions that have either been done to death, or been done much better by something else.

Why is Ayumu called POMU?

The player character is called “Anata-chan” since Ayumu refers to her childhood friend/the player character as “Anata”. Ayumu gets called “Pomu”, an Alternate Character Reading of her first name. Emma earns the nickname “Emmama” due to her motherly vibe.

Is Yu Takasaki an idol?

Background. Yu is the budding school idol enthusiast of Nijigasaki High School, and is often seen with her characteristic thigh-high socks and twin-tails tips dyed green. She is Ayumu Uehara’s inseparable childhood friend, having grown up as neighbors in the same apartment building near Odaiba.

Will there be a season 3 of Is This a Zombie?

Well, they have neither canceled nor renewed Is This A Zombie Season 3. The followers of the show are disappointed due to the lack of response from the makers.

Who does Ayumu end up with?

He is technically married to Sarasvati due to her drinking from the same drink and Yuki Yoshida (Tomonori) due to accidental kiss .

Is this a zombie worth watching?

My favorite thing is that the comedy is very good and you will binge it if it tickles your fancy. This is one of my all time favorite comedy. Its one of those classic anime that you can binge watch countless of time and still find it funny. Its really is a great series, i just wished that there was a 3rd season of it.

Is is this a zombie a harem?

Action-Hogging Opening: No, none of the awesome stuff in Of the Dead’s opening actually happens. This is a harem comedy first. Zombie-Magical Garment Girl-Ninja-Action comes second. All Men Are Perverts: How primarily Sera and Haruna think of Ayumu.