Who is Kim Dong jun on Running Man?

Kim Dong-jun’s Appearance on Running Man. Kim Dong-jun has appeared on Running Man several times. The first occurrence was on episode 192 which is paired with episodes 193 and 194. Meanwhile, the last episode he was on is 236. In those first three episodes, he appeared as a guest alongside Kim Min-jong, Im Ju-hwan, Oh Man-suk, Lee Seung-hwa,

When did Oh Yeon-seo appear on Running Man?

Besides dramas, Oh Yeon-seo also makes appearances on variety shows. One of them is Running Man. She has made two appearances in total, one in episode 218 which was aired in 2014 and the other is episode 310 which was aired in 2016. In episode 218, Symphony Race was the main theme.

What makes Oh Yeon-seo admire Song Ji hyo?

In episode 218, Symphony Race was the main theme. She appeared with fellow Jang Bo-ri Is Here actor Kim Ji-hoon and A-Pink’s Jung Eun-ji. In this race where the cast had to act like a group of genius musicians, she had the role of a genius harpist.

What did the Ho Kingdom get from the Running Man?

Ho Kingdom claimed their territory. Yoo Jae-suk received a Running Man Gold Trophy, which he gave to Kim Hee-sun as a gift. Gary and Haha received gold ornaments. Kim Soo-hyun received the Golden Turtle. Princess Ji-hyo Team received a gold ring. Idol Team members each received a gold medal. Han Ji-min received her vacation allowance.

What did Kim Jong kook get on Running Man?

Kim Jong-kook and Rain received a golden ball. Running Man Team received two gold envelopes of money. Kim Woo-bin received a reward money. Lee Kwang-soo and Lim Ju-hwan got to sleep in a motorhome for the night.

What did Lee Kwang-soo win on Running Man?

Lee Kwang-soo & Ji Sung received the 2nd-4th place prize money. Song Ji-hyo received 7 gold nuggets. Blue Team received all the earned prizes. Green Team received 3 gold “R” badges. Running Man Team received 14 gold bars and shared 2 with JSJ Team.

Who are the other teams on Running Man?

The other teams were Kim Min-jong with Kim Jong-kook, Im Ju-hwan with Lee Kwang-Soo, Haha with Oh Man-suk, Gary with Lee Sang-hwa, and Ji Suk-jin with Kim Jung-nan. As they paired up, they rolled a dice to choose what public transportation they will use to reach the mission place.