Who was eliminated from So You Think you can Dance Tonight?

tonight on Fox to watch a special performance by Ne Yo and to see who will be the third dancer eliminated from the competition. Here is the Alex and Twitch hip-hop routine danced to Lil Jon & LM*AO’s “Outta Your Mind.” Note to readers: if you purchase something through one of our affiliate links we may earn a commission.

How can I get you Out of my mind?

You’re with my friend And she holds your hand Wasn’t that supposed to be me? (chours) Oh baby, I can’t get you outta my mind I dont know why You came into my life. I can’t get you outta my mind Hard as I try You’re there all the time. You never said And I never asked. How was I to know you weren’t free.

Who are Alex and Twitch on so you think you can dance?

‘So You Think You Can Dance’: Alex and Twitch hip-hop routine is outta your mind Updated Jan 03, 2019; Posted Jul 01, 2010 By Melanie Henry | The Express-Times Photo Courtesy of Fox Alex Wong, right, performs a hip-hop routine with all-star partner Twitch Boss, choreographed by Tabitha & Napoleon Dumo on “So You Think You Can Dance.”

How did the format of so you think you can dance change?

The format of the show has changed in two major ways: not only was the number of contestants cut from 20 to 11 this season (it was supposed to be 10 but the producers were torn between for the final spot, so they decided to keep both), but the dancers are now partnered with an all-star cast of dancers from previous seasons of “SYTYCD.”

What did you think about so you think you can dance?

“The conversations about dance that were happening on prime-time television — ‘Oh, your passé, your grand jetés’ — that was completely new,” McDonald said. “So You Think” competitors also receive a crash course in self-presentation. The show includes get-to-know-you segments that help them become comfortable talking on camera.

Who are the so you think you can dance alums?

An alum steps out: Ariana DeBose, in yellow, shooting “West Side Story,” in New York in 2019. Credit… If “So You Think” faces an uncertain future, this will be part of its legacy: The show helped propel dancers into the mainstream.