How long does Reaper mini shipping take?

4-8 weeks
Particularly for customers overseas, it can take 4-8 weeks for your shipment to arrive.

How much does a mini shipping container cost?

$2,995 – $3,995. 10ft Containers are small enough to fit into most tight locations, but large enough to meet most of your storage and modification needs.

Where is Reaper Miniatures located?

Denton, Texas
Reaper Miniatures is an American manufacturer of pewter and plastic figurines in the 25–35 mm scale, which include fantasy and science fiction figures. Reaper, based in Denton, Texas, has developed tabletop miniature game systems that may be played with their figures.

Are Reaper Miniatures any good?

The metal ones are all great. The Bones models have slightly less detail, but look really great once they are painted and are nigh indestructible . Also, they seem to be getting better as Reaper perfects the plastic process.

What are reaper metal miniatures made of?

white metal alloy
Each Reaper miniature is made from the finest white metal alloy. It comes unpainted and may need some assembly. Dark Heaven Legends is the premier 25mm Heroic Scale fantasy line for miniature painters, roleplayers and wargamers.

How heavy is a 10 foot container?

Internal height: 2.39m. Capacity: 15.89m3. Payload: 8,960kg (approx.) Total weight: 10,160kg (approx.)

How much does it cost to make Reaper Miniatures?

Your best bet there is to enter Game Trade Monthly’s Annual Bring Your Character to Life Contest, sponsored by us. Failing that, we can custom create your dream miniature for you, but prices start around a thousand dollars, for a variety of reasons.

Are there any delays in shipping my crate?

Due to ongoing procedures for protecting the health and safety of our staff in response to COVID-19, please allow for possible shipping delays when ordering. Choose your favorite crate!

Are there any hotel rooms available for reapercon?

ReaperCon 2021 Hotel Rooms – Book Yours Now! We’re pleased to announce that our hotels for ReaperCon 2021 are now available for booking! Embassy Suites – initial block sold out, but more rooms coming soon! Check out the link here for pricing and more info! REAPER VIRTUAL EXPO IS HERE! Reaper Virtual Expo is now live!

Are there any painting classes at reapercon?

ReaperCon: take painting classes under the tutelage of some of our industry’s most talented professionals. There are classes for all skill levels. While you’re here, why don’t you enter our Open Painting Contest where you paint to a standard rather than competing against each other.