How many episodes are there in Total Drama All Stars?

This season, contestants are divided into two teams based on their status as a hero or villain, and must avoid the Flush of Shame in order to take home the $1,000,000 grand prize. Total Drama All-Stars consists of thirteen episodes. The fourteen contestants in Total Drama All-Stars. Ezekiel appeared in two episodes .

Who was eliminated from Total Drama All Stars?

Heather finally discovers the highly-coveted McLean-Brand Chris Head, but Alejandro steals it to get back at her for what she previously did, eventually resulting in her elimination. Courtney and Gwen finally make amends with each other. The Vultures hold the deciding vote to eliminate a team member from the losing team, and they chose Sierra.

Who is Alex House on Total Drama All Stars?

This is the first and only season to feature Alex House, who replaced Marco Grazzini as Alejandro. This is the first season where a contestant finishes in the same ranking as their previous season, as Lindsay came in fourteenth in both Total Drama World Tour and this season.

How does exile work on Total Drama All Stars?

Exile: After an Immunity Challenge, during the team phase, the winning team has to choose whom to banish to Boney Island, while during the individual phase, it is only used twi ce. This island, entirely separate from the existing camp, will force the banished player to fend for him/herself until the upcoming challenge.

Who is the villain in Total Drama All Stars?

Lindsay is the first All-Star to take the Flush of Shame. A new villain is introduced shortly before Lightning ‘s elimination. After Jo’s elimination, Courtney and Duncan are ordered to switch teams due to their respective villainous and heroic actions in the challenge.

What happens in the final of Total Drama?

Free-for-All Final Challenge: A Final Challenge took place originally with the final two contestants — with two helpers each — in which the contestant to travel between a four-tier moat and pull the sword at the top first wins. Afterwards, the host allowed the helpers to compete alongside with the finalists to win the prize.