How old is karabatic?

37 years (April 11, 1984)
Nikola Karabatić/Age

Is Nikola Karabatic Serbian?

Nikola was born in Niš, SFR Yugoslavia, to a Croatian father and Serbian mother. In addition to French, he speaks English, Serbo-Croatian, German and Spanish.

How tall is karabatic?

6′ 5″
Nikola Karabatić/Height

How many championships did Nikola Karabatić compete in?

Nikola Karabatic 44 With Montpellier, Kiel, Barcelona and Paris, the centre-back has won 18 championships in 19 seasons, but also 22 national cups, 10 national Super Cups, 3 Champions Leagues, 2 Super Globes and 1 European Super Cup.

Who is the greatest handball player of all time?

Olympic gold medallist, World Champion, European champion, for many Mikkel Hansen is handball’s G.O.A.T.

What year did Nikola Karabatić get the gold?

About Nikola Karabatic With the French national handball team, he won two gold medals in Summer Olympics (2008 and 2012), three gold medals in World Championship (2009, 2011 and 2015) and also three gold medals in European Championship (2006, 2010 and 2014). In 2011, he won L’Équipe Champion of Champions.

Who is the best Handballer of all time?

Top 5 Ranked Mens Handball Players Of All Time

  • Ivano Balic.
  • Nikola Karabatic.
  • Magnus Wislander.
  • Talant Dujshebaev.
  • Mikkel Hansen.

Who is the best Handballer in the world?


Year Winner Country
2016 Nikola Karabatić (3) France
2017 Not awarded
2018 Mikkel Hansen (3) Denmark
2019 Niklas Landin Jacobsen Denmark

Who is father of handball?

The father of Handball (Karl Schelenz), is named after him because he was adapting the old Torball in the current Handball, making it a popular game in Europe.

Who is the richest handball player in the world?

Top 20 Highest Paid Handball Players in the World 2020

1 Mikkel Hansen €120,000
2 Hans Lindberg €100,000
3 Luc Abalo €85,000

Who is the best male handball player?

Who first introduced handball?

European Origins The fast-paced modern team game of handball was first played towards the end of the 19th century in Scandinavia and Germany. Field handball was first recognised at the turn of the century, and G. Wallström introduced the sport of “handball” to Sweden in 1910.

What was the name of Nikola Karabatic’s father?

Nikola’s father Branko Karabatić, who was also a professional handball player, is originally from Vrsine, a village between Trogir and Marina in Croatia. In his career, Branko played for the Železničar handball team from Niš, which is where he met his wife Radmila, who is originally from Aleksinac, Serbia.

How many gold medals does Nikola Karabatic have?

With the French national handball team, he has won two Olympic gold medals ( Summer Olympics of 2008 and 2012 ), four World Championship gold medals ( 2009, 2011, 2015 and 2017) as well as three gold medals in the European Championship ( 2006, 2010 and 2014 ). He also won L’Équipe Champion of Champions in 2011.

How did Branko Karabatic meet his wife Radmila?

In his career, Branko played for the Železničar handball team from Niš, which is where he met his wife Radmila, who is originally from Aleksinac, Serbia. The family moved to France after Nikola’s father got a coaching job there when Nikola was 3 and a half years old.

When did Nikola Karabatic move to PSG Handball?

After a quick stay in Pays d’Aix Université Club handball, Aix-en-Provence, between February and June in 2013, he moved to FC Barcelona and then in 2015 he moved to and currently plays for PSG Handball . He is an Olympic, World and European champion.