Is Hallett boats still in business?

According to Randy Davis, who has owned Nordic Boats in Lake Havasu City, Ariz., since 2005, Hallett Boats will no longer operate from its Azusa, Calif., headquarters and that all future sales, manufacturing and service of Hallett models will be done at Nordic’s facility in Arizona.

Can you boat on Lake Havasu year round?

Known as Arizona’s “West Coast,” Lake Havasu is one of America’s best boating lakes. Unlike many other lakes, Lake Havasu remains at a near constant water elevation that rarely varies more than four feet, providing boaters with ideal conditions year-round.

Can you drink on a boat in Lake Havasu?

If you’re the one driving the boat, don’t drink. Boat drivers must keep an eye on the waterways at all times while the boat is in operation. Look around in all directions to make sure the coast is clear before turning around. Check for raised flags on other vessels.

Where are Nordic Boats made?

Lake Havasu, AZ
Nordic Boats has always lead the pack in performance boat design and styling since the conception of the company in 1962. Located in Lake Havasu, AZ offering full service and sales departments we are here to answer all your questions about any of our high-performance boats.

Who bought Hallett Boats?

Nordic Boats
Hallett was purchased in an agreement with former owner Shirley Barron. Havasu boat manufacturer Nordic Boats reached an agreement to purchase California-based Hallett Boats. According to Nordic Boats owner Randy Davis, the acquisition could mean as many as a dozen new jobs for Havasu residents.

What does Hallett mean?

Hallett Name Meaning: From the Norman personal name ‘Hallet’ or ‘Aylett’,a pet form of ‘Alard’ from ‘Adelard’. ‘adal’ noble + ‘hard’ brave,strong.

Can you boat at night on Lake Havasu?

§5-333), all watercraft from sunset to sunrise shall display navigation lights: bright white on the aft (top) and a combination light at the bow (front) of the boat, green to starboard (right) and red to port (left).

Can passengers drink on a boat in Arizona?

Passengers on watercraft may drink but not the person operating the boat. The legislature recently added an exception for vehicles that are part of a “Transportation Network Company,” such as Uber and Lyft. These passengers may drink in route.

Can you drink in Lake Havasu?

Drinking is now prohibited in all city-owned parks, but allowed in the water, on boats, and in state parks. “The problem is, with the ordinance the way it is, if somebody is in their boat, they can drink beer.

Who started Nordic Boats?

Orval Sommerstedt
Nordic Boats was established in 1962 by a stone mason from Nebraska. The legacy began in a small shop in Irwindale California. Orval Sommerstedt moved to California and work· as a stone mason, by chance, he was asked to help a friend build a race boat in his small garage …

Who is the owner of Nordic Boats?

Randy Davis
Since the conception of the company in 1962, Nordic boats has been building race boats and building them well. In 2005 Randy Davis purchased Nordic Boats from the founder and original owner. Randy Davis brought with him his passion for boat racing and high-speed ski racing.

Who started Hallett Boats?

Nick Barron
Nick Barron started Hallett building ski boats in the family garage, and his son said that, while going through old photos, he had forgotten about some of the exotic ski-race boats the company had built through the years, starting with 18-foot mini cruisers with big engines and V-drives and 21-foot models with …

Where is the Hallet powerboat in Lake Havasu?

The boat is actually a Silverwing, The name “Hallet” was used a few years later. Less than 70 total hours. Never in salt. New tires, New batteries. This is a true time capsule.. Located in lake havasu city Arizona.

Where can I buy a Hallett ski boat?

Performance, handling the Perfect family ski Sport Boat.. Located in California. SOLD GO TO OUR WEBSITE FOR CURRENT INVENTORY: WWW.COASTMOTORGROUP.COM. Located in LAKE HAVASU CITY Arizona. This boat is a 1987 26′ mid-cabin, same owner for almost 20 years.

How often does a Hallett powerboat go to Lake Powell?

This boat is a 1987 26′ mid-cabin, same owner for almost 20 years. It is used at Lake Powell, fresh water only, once each year in August and September and has never been in salt water. -Boat frame has less than 300 hours -The original motor was replaced at 245 hours with a 540 merlin, bench tested at 600 h.p.

How old is the Hallett steel trailer Bimini?

Boat is fresh water its entire life shows like it is 3 years old. new stereo with XM fly by wire shifters and throttle. USB port at every seat. 300 approx hours on power. steel trailer bimini and full cover WOT is 75 mph with 24 props. kept inside closed storage in Lake Havasu, Az. have survey from 8 months ago. great boat just not for me.