What are Scottish towns called?

Scottish Cities & Towns by Population
Rank Name Council Area
1 Glasgow City of Glasgow
2 Edinburgh City of Edinburgh
3 Aberdeen City of Aberdeen

What are the 6 Scottish cities?


  • Edinburgh.
  • Aberdeen.
  • Dundee.
  • Stirling.
  • Inverness.
  • Why do Scottish towns start with Inver?

    Many Scottish place names have their roots in either the Gaelic, Pictish, or Norse language. Here are some examples. ‘Inver’ meaning meeting of the waters. Examples of these are Inverness and Inverkip.

    What is the friendliest town in Scotland?

    1. Glasgow, Scotland. Our readers voted Glasgow the world’s friendliest city.

    What is Scotland’s largest city?

    Glasgow is Scotland’s biggest city, home to nearly 600,000 people. Glasgow was also known as the second city of the British Empire.

    What is Scotland’s smallest city?

    Stirling, Scotland. Stirling is the smallest of Scotland’s cities, but it’s also one of the most stunning and picturesque.

    What is the richest city in Scotland?

    This statistic shows the highest valued towns in Scotland as of June 2021 by average property value in British pounds. The town of North Berwick, East Lothian had the highest average property value of any town in Scotland with an average house price of over 430,000 British pounds.

    What is Scotland’s oldest city?

    Dundee is unique in that an exact date of the ascension to city status is documented — January 26 1889 — making it the earliest official city in the country. A charter signed by Queen Victoria confirmed the transition.

    What does Auch mean in Scotland?

    Ach- (or Auch-) is from the Gaelic word meaning “field”. Ach is generally a prefix used in the lowlands, whereas Auch is the highland variety. Auchterarder for example is ‘the upland field of the high stream”, Auchinleck a flat stone field.

    What does Nish mean in Scotland?

    Their name comes from the personal name Naos, which is a dialectal form of Aonghus or Angus. The Gaelic form of the name is Mac Neis, which is derived from the earlier form Mac Naois; both of these mean son of Angus. Thus, the name Nish is a cognate of MacAngus and MacInnes.

    What is the richest area in Scotland?