What is Jewish Family services?

Jewish Family Service is recognized as a premier human services agency serving Colorado. JFS believes in strengthening the community by providing vital services to vulnerable individuals and families. JFS offers a variety of programs to help those in need navigate life’s challenges through integrated support.

Is Jfcs a nonprofit organization?

Provide counseling and support services. JFCS is an independent, non-sectarian organization whose mission is to empower people to make positive changes through professional, affordable counseling and support services.

What does Jcfs stand for?

JCFS Meaning

1 JCFS Jefferson City Flying Service
1 JCFS Jewish Child & Family Service s
1 JCFS Jewish Child and Family Service + 1 variant Jewish, Family, Child
1 JCFS Jewish Child and Family Service s Jewish, Family, Child
1 JCFS Jewish Children and Family Services

What do social services do for children and families?

Social services have a statutory obligation to safeguard and promote the welfare of vulnerable children and adults and can provide a wide range of services to children and their parents, usually within the own home environment and co-ordinated by a social worker.

What are children and Family Services?

Child and family services is a government and/or non-profit organisation designed to better the well being of individuals who come from unfortunate situations, environmental or biological. People who seek or are sought after to participate in these homes have no other resource to turn to.

What is the Department of Family Children Services?

The Department of Children and Families. The Department of Children and Families (DCF) is the state agency that has the job of looking out for children and protecting them from abuse and neglect. DCF used to be called the Department of Social Services (DSS).