What was Sweet Child of Mine written about?

He wrote the song about his girlfriend, Erin Everly, the daughter of Don Everly of the Everly Brothers. After dating for four years, they got married at a quickie wedding in Las Vegas on April 28, 1990, but just nine months later, the marriage was annulled, with Everly claiming abuse.

Who remade Sweet Child of Mine?


Title Performer
i Sweet Child o’ Mine Andrew Molina
i Sweet Child o’ Mine 8-Bit Misfits
i Sweet Child of Mine Will Taylor and Strings Attached
i Sweet Child o’ Mine James Howard

Is Sweet Child O Mine a beginner song?

This intro riff is one of the greatest in the history of rock and one of the first lessons I ever did on YouTube… but I taught it wrong. I taught it the way I’d played it which was the right notes but not the right fingering.

Why is it called Sweet Child O Mine?

A slots game inspired by a poem written for his girlfriend The original form of this song was in the form of a poem that was penned by Axl Rose. He wrote this for his girlfriend. This poem, then went on to become the song “Sweet Child O’ Mine” that won the hearts of music lovers worldwide.

Is Sweet Child of Mine Hard solo?

Nonetheless, you can learn the lick and use it at a slower tempo. As you play more and more, over the years you can re-attempt these licks and get closer and closer. No matter what most people tell you, that solo is very hard if you want to execute it like Slash does.

Did Axl Rose have a bad childhood?

The Rose lowdown Worst of times: Rose claims that he was sexually abused by his biological father as a toddler and later, with his half-brother and half-sister, physically abused by his stepfather. What he says: ‘I’m late to everything.