Does Nagisa beat Takaoka?

Like before, Nagisa slowly walks up to Takaoka with the knife in one hand. The boy makes the soldier focus his attention only on the blade. Nagisa then lets the knife drop, which distracts Takaoka and fakes him out with a sudden loud clap. With Takaoka finally defeated, the class celebrates and congratulates Nagisa.

What episode does Nagisa fight Takaoka?

Talent Time (才能の時間, Sainō no Jikan) is the thirteenth episode of the Assassination Classroom anime series. The episode first aired on April 17, 2015.

What is the best ship in assassination classroom?

Best Assassination Classroom Ships

  1. Karma Akabane x Nagisa Shiota.
  2. Nagisa Shiota x Kaede Kayano.
  3. Ryunosuke Chiba x Rinka Hayami.
  4. Tadaomi Karasuma x Irina Jelavitc.
  5. Karma Akabane x Manami Okuda.
  6. Koro-sensei x Aguri Yukimura.
  7. Tomohito Sugino x Yukiko Kanzaki.
  8. Karma Akabane x Rio Nakamura.

Who does Nagisa fight?

Unfortunately for him, Nagisa uses his stun gun after a well-feinted nekodamashi attack, immobilizing Takaoka and winning the fight.

When did Nagisa kiss Kayano?

Valentine’s Day Time is the forty-second episode of the Assassination Classroom anime and the twentieth episode of Season 2.

Why did Akira Takaoka want to kill Nagisa?

It is due to this hatred that caused him to think of revenge in the Assassination Island arc, as he felt that if he tortured and killed Nagisa, he would be absolved of his shame. Takaoka directly attributes his loss of respect in the Ministry of Defense to Nagisa’s ‘dirty’ victory.

Why did Akira Takaoka lose the Ministry of Defense?

Takaoka directly attributes his loss of respect in the Ministry of Defense to Nagisa’s ‘dirty’ victory. However, because of his attitude itself, he was put into a constant state of shock after seeing Nagisa defeat and smile at him one last time. “To bring students under your thumbs, you have to give them just two things.

Why was Takaoka never reported on in Assassination Classroom?

It is assumed that Takaoka was never reported on due to the possible reprisals against any whistleblowers. Takaoka first appeared as a new P.E. teacher for Class 3-E sent by Ministry of Defense as they were impatient of killing Koro-sensei. Once he appears, he greets the students and gives them food, drinks, and sweets as a sign of greeting them.

Why did Akira Takaoka scratch his face?

After getting fired from losing to Nagisa, his insanity is amplified. He devised a plan to poison most of the students in Okinawa for his revenge. He began scratching his face due to being mocked by his colleague after he lost to Nagisa.