How do I transfer pictures from my computer to my iPhone 4S?

First, directly drag and drop the selected pictures to iPhone 4S. Second, right click on the chosen pictures and “Transfer to” iPhone 4S. Third, head to the big Transfer button and shift pictures to iPhone 4S in “Transfer to list”. After file transferring, you can enjoy image files on iPhone 4S on the go freely.

How do I transfer files from PC to iPhone 4S?

Transfer media to & from a computer

  1. With the device powered on, insert the Lightning cable into the port at the base of the deice.
  2. Insert the USB end of the Lightning cable into an open port on the computer.
  3. On the computer, open iTunes.
  4. Click Continue.
  5. On iPhone, tap Trust.
  6. Click the desired connected device.

How do I transfer Photos from PC to iPhone 4S without iTunes?

To move photos from PC to iPhone without iTunes:

  1. Connect your iPhone to the computer.
  2. Unlock your iOS device and trust the computer.
  3. Go to “This PC” > [your device name] > “Internal Storage” > “DCIM” > “100APPLE” and paste the photos from computer to the folder.
  4. Go to the Photos app to check the photos from computer.

How do I transfer pics from computer to iPhone?

How to transfer photos from PC to iPhone using iCloud

  1. Open your browser on your PC, navigate to and log in with your Apple ID.
  2. Click the Photos icon on the top row of apps.
  3. Click the Upload button in the top-right of the page and browse your PC for the photos you want to add to your iPhone.

How do I get Photos off my old iPhone 4?

You can plug the old phone into your computer and extract the photos just as you would from any other digital camera. You can then sync the ones you want to your new phone using iTunes.

How do I connect my iPhone 4S to my computer?

How to Sync Your iPhone 4S with Your Computer

  1. Start by connecting your iPhone to your computer with the dock connector–to–USB cable included with your iPhone.
  2. Select your iPhone in the iTunes source list.
  3. Name your iPhone.
  4. Choose what, if anything, you want iTunes to automatically synchronize, and then click Done.

How do I access files on my iPhone 4s?

Step 1 Connect your iPhone to PC/Mac with USB cable for transferring iPhone data to computer. Step 2 Select the files you want to move to computer, such as Contacts, Playlist, Contact, etc. Step 3 Click “Export to ” > “Export to PC/Mac” to extract iPhone data to PC for transferring.

How do I transfer photos from laptop to iPhone using USB without iTunes?

1. Drag and Drop Photos from Laptop to iPhone Directly

  1. Connect iPhone to Laptop and Head to Drag Files. Open AnyTrans on your laptop and connect iPhone to laptop via USB cable > Choose Device Manager > Move mouse over the iPhone and tap on +.
  2. Select Pictures on Laptop to Transfer.

Why can’t I copy photos from computer to iPhone?

If on the phone you turn on Settings > iCloud > Photos > iCloud Photo Library then you can no longer sync photos to the phone from a computer by using iTunes. Manually copying photos from a computer to the phone (i.e. via Explorer) has never been supported.

How can I download pictures from my iPhone 4S to my computer?

Download Connect your iPhone 4s to PC through USB cable and click “Trust”. Enter main interface and hit “Pictures” button. Choose photos and tap on “Export” to save them on the computer.

How can I transfer pictures from My iPhone 4 to my iPhone 6?

This software could be regarded as an iTunes alternative. To transfer your iPhone 4s pictures to iPhone 6, please read on steps below for easy operation: Connect iPhone 4 to computer and left click the “Photos”. Right click the chosen photos and tap on “Transfer to my computer”.

Can you transfer files from laptop to iPhone 4S?

When you get a new iPhone 4S, you may want to copy files and data from computer or laptop to iPhone. This tutorial on how to transfer files from laptop to iPhone 4S may help new iPhone owners copy files including documents, pictures, photos from laptop or computer to iPhone.

How do I Sync My Photos from my computer to my iPhone?

Open a new Finder window . In the left-hand sidebar, click your iPhone. Click Photos . Check the box next to Sync photos to your device from: to enable syncing. In the drop down menu, choose the program that contains the photos you want to sync to your iPhone.