What is a drongo in Australian slang?

Insult. The word drongo is used in Australian English as a mild form of insult meaning “idiot” or “stupid fellow”. This usage derives from an Australian racehorse of the same name (apparently after the spangled drongo, Dicrurus bracteatus) in the 1920s that never won despite many places.

Is drongo a crow?

The crow-billed drongo (Dicrurus annectens) is a species of bird in the family Dicruridae. It is native to moist tropical forests of southeastern Asia where its range extends from India to the Philippines and Indonesia….

Crow-billed drongo
Family: Dicruridae
Genus: Dicrurus
Species: D. annectens
Binomial name

Why do drongos mimic?

The African drongo mimics warning calls of other animals to scare them away from food, but mixes true warnings with lies to keep those animals guessing. We humans are exceedingly bad at recognizing when we’re being deceived.

What is the word drongo mean?

Definition of drongo : any of a family (Dicruridae) of insectivorous passerine birds native to Africa, Asia, and Australia that usually have glossy black plumage and long forked tails.

What is a Noddy?

1 : a stupid person. 2 : any of several stout-bodied terns (especially genus Anous) of warm seas. Synonyms & Antonyms Example Sentences Learn More About noddy.

Can drongos sound like other animals?

Individual drongos hang out with lots of other bird species in mixed-species flocks. Earlier this year, Flower reported that drongos can mimic the warning sounds of about 45 other species, including the bark of a meerkat.

Is a drongo native to Australia?

The spangled drongo (Dicrurus bracteatus) is a bird of the family Dicruridae. It is the only drongo to be found in Australia where it can be recognised by its black, iridescent plumage and by its characteristic forked tail. It feeds on insects and small vertebrates.

Is black drongo rare?

It is a common resident breeder in much of tropical southern Asia from southwest Iran through India, Bangladesh and Sri Lanka east to southern China and Indonesia and accidental visitor of Japan. It is an all black bird with a distinctive forked tail and measures 28 cm (11 in) in length.

What is the scientific name of black drongo?

Dicrurus macrocercus
Black drongo/Scientific names
Dicrurus macrocercus, commonly known as the black drongo, is a medium sized passerine bird native to much of southern Asia and parts of Indonesia.

What does GGL mean?


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GGL Global Gemological Laboratory
GGL Good Government League (various locations)
GGL Good Game Loser (gaming)
GGL Gamma-Gamma Logging (California)

What is Noddy short for?

History and Etymology for noddy probably short for obsolete noddypoll, alteration of hoddypoll fumbling inept person.

Where can I find a ribbon tailed drongo?

Ribbon-tailed Drongo or Paradise Drongo, Dicrurus megarhynchus, (Lower risk (lc)) – Endemic to Papua New Guinea. Spangled Drongo, Dicrurus bracteatus, (Lower risk (lc)) – Found in Australia. Andaman Drongo, Dicrurus andamanensis, (Lower risk (lc)) – Endemic to the Andaman Islands of the Indian Ocean.

What does the word drongo mean in Australia?

unintelligent person; ” moron “. Australian slang. You’d be a drongo for leaving your keys at home. What a drongo – he dumped a really good looking Sheila for that sow. What a drongo – burnt a meal black in the microwave. See more words with the same meaning: unintelligent person, idiot. Last edited on Oct 02 2017.

What kind of bird is a drongo and what do they eat?

Drongo Photo Gallery. The drongos are small birds that occur naturally in the Old World tropics (Africa, Asia, Australia) where they are found in open forests or bush. The word “Drongo” is Australian slang for “idiot” – which may refer to this bird’s comical behavior. They mostly feed on insects, small birds and occasionally, small skinks.

How does a racket tailed drongo get its tail?

Young birds are duller, and can lack a crest while moulting birds can lack the elongate tail streamers. The racket is formed by the inner web of the vane but appears to be on the outer web since the rachis has a twist just above the spatula.