Who has the most playoff appearances in the NHL?

Post-season appearance streaks

Team Post-season streak Consecutive post-season appearances
Montreal Canadiens 24 seasons3 1970–71 through to 1993–94
Montreal Canadiens 21 seasons3 1948–49 through to 1968–69
Detroit Red Wings 20 seasons 1938–39 through to 1957–58
Philadelphia Flyers 17 seasons 1972–73 through to 1988–89

Which player has the most playoff appearances?

LeBron James
List of National Basketball Association career playoff games played leaders

Rank Player Games played
1 LeBron James^ 266
2 Derek Fisher 259
3 Tim Duncan* 251
4 Robert Horry 244

Which player has played the most NHL games?

NHL History – Games Played Leaders

Games Played Leaders
2 Gordie Howe 1,767
3 Mark Messier 1,756

Who has the longest playoff streak?

On March 24, 1971, the Philadelphia 76ers (formerly known as the Syracuse Nationals) set an NBA record of 22 consecutive playoff appearances in the time between the 1950 NBA playoffs and the 1971 NBA playoffs. The 76ers won two NBA championships during their streak.

What player has most playoff wins in NFL history?

Tom Brady
Tom Brady has the most career wins in the playoffs, with 34 wins.

Who has the most playoff triple doubles?

Magic Johnson
Magic Johnson is No. The player to record the most triple-doubles in NBA playoff history is Magic Johnson, as he posted 30 of them in his career. Johnson, of course, won five NBA championships, which helped him accomplish the feat. He also earned three Finals MVP awards.

Who won Stanley Cup the most?

Tampa Bay Lightning
Stanley Cup Finals/Latest champion

What NHL team has the most wins?

The Montreal Canadiens are the most successful team in the league having won the league 25 times since the formation of the league in 1917. They have also won the Stanley Cup a record 24 times, one as a National Hockey Association and 23 as an NHL team.

What NHL team has the longest winning streak?

The longest winning streak by an NHL team was accomplished by the 1992–1993 Pittsburgh Penguins.

What is the longest overtime game in NHL history?

The longest overtime game in history was an in Norwegian GET-ligaen. The game ended after 157:14 of overtime, in the 8th overtime period. This is a list of all National Hockey League (NHL) overtime games that went into at least three overtimes (winning team is bold).

What is the longest NHL hockey game?

The game bests the NHL’s record for longest game, set by the Detroit Red Wings and the Montreal Maroons in 1936, by over 40 minutes.