How do you use testors buffing Metalizer?

Metalizer is also easy to use. All colors are pre-mixed for airbrushing. Simply apply to your clean, unpainted model according to the following directions, let dry for several minutes and then buff to a brilliant metal sheen with a clean, soft cloth.

Is Testors paint going out of business?

Testors has decided to discontinue a number of popular paint brands in response to what it calls a changing modeling market. This isn’t the first time modelers have had to change how they paint their rolling stock. …

What is Metalizer paint?

FEATURES: Metalizer is a unique metalizing “plate” finish, especially formulated for plastic models. Metalizer system consists of a wide range of buffing and non-buffing 1/2oz colors which will allow the modeler to duplicate virtually any natural metal finish. Jar can be attached and used with most airbrush systems.

Can you use Testors enamel on glass?

Turns out, the Testors enamels are perfect for glass and my love affair with these paints began! In my opinion, nothing comes remotely close to the durability and smooth finish like these amazing paints when it comes to glass, metals, ceramics, plastic and pretty much anything.

Is Testors spray enamel a primer?

Testors enamel primer is easy to apply on most surfaces, such as wood, paper, cardstock, fabric and many more. This paint flows smooth on the surface of your choice. Lead free, this spray is safe for use.

Is Testors Dullcote being discontinued?

Testors dullcote discontinued? (Answer: No)

What do you thin Testors enamel paint with?

Metalizer Lacquer Thinner 1419 1-3/4 oz. Testors Lacquer Thinner for Dullcote/Glosscote 1159X 1 oz. In general when spraying paints through Aztek airbrushes, the paint should be the consistency of whole milk or thinner. Never add thinner to the paint jar.

Does enamel model paint need primer?

So in short, Enamel Paints do sometimes need a topcoat or a primer and in some cases even both. Some materials, like metal or plastic, require a primer to ensure that the paint sticks to the material. Enamel paint generally leaves a smooth, glossy, and appealing look after drying up.

Does enamel need primer?

It is recommended to use a layer of primer before applying the enamel paint, especially on interior surfaces, furniture, cabinets and molding. Look for approved primers to be used on the type of surface you are going to paint. Some brands of enamel paint are even formulated with built-in primers that improve adhesion.

Does Testors still make Dullcote?

“With a long history of producing quality hobby kits and supplies, we are evolving our strategy to focus more keenly on Testors, our flagship brand. To that end, we are discontinuing our PACTRA, AZTEK, and Model Master brands as demand for these products continues to decline.

Can You Testors Metalizer with a blending stick?

You can press real hard with the blending stick. It will not damage the Metalizer paint. Plus, once the Metalizer is “hard buffed”, it will not come off on your fingers. Testors Metalizer Sealer is used to protect the Metalizer finish. I have not used Metailzer in a while.

Where can I get a Metalizer for my scale model?

If not you can get one of the throw away “pumpkin” ones from HF, or any McParts auto parts/paint store. Might need to get some adapters to go from 1/4 NPT to your fitting size. Testor’s metallizer is designed to be used on bare plastic, no primer.

Who are the competitors of the Testors Metalizer?

Metalizers have competition from Alclad, AK, and Vallejo. The only products I have heard lament for (outside the Model Master enamels) are the bottled Glosscote and Dullcote. I might add the Metalizer Sealer to the list, as it was a superb, near-bulletproof clear gloss.

What kind of adapter do you need for Metalizer?

Might need to get some adapters to go from 1/4 NPT to your fitting size. Testor’s metallizer is designed to be used on bare plastic, no primer. Computer, did we bring batteries?…..Computer?