What happened to the stair scene in The Exorcist?

One Exorcist moment that took decades to get noticed was the spider walk scene, in which Regan walks backward down the stairs on her hands with a mouthful of blood. To be fair though, that’s because the scene was deleted from the film’s initial release, only being restored later.

Why was the spider walk scene deleted from The Exorcist?

In 1973, when computer imaginary was not invented shooting a scene like this was very tough. Before the release of the film in December’1973, the director deleted the clip from the movie as he thought it was too much of an effect, which comes very early in the film.

Who died on the stairs in The Exorcist?

Father Karras
The 75 steps were featured in the scene from the hit 1973 horror movie “The Exorcist” in which the character Father Karras fell to his death down the steps from a nearby house. The steps were covered in foam padding to protect the stuntman who had to film the iconic sequence twice.

Where are the stairs in the Exorcist located?

Got it! Located in the Georgetown neighborhood of Washington, D.C. is a set of stairs, known as The Exorcist steps, which are famous for being featured in the 1973 film The Exorcist.

What was the most shocking scene in the Exorcist?

Regan’s rather unusual use of a crucifix is one of the most famous scenes in The Exorcist. It also ended up as, unsurprisingly, one of the most shocking.

When did The Exorcist steps become a tourist attraction?

The stairs officially became a “D.C. landmark and official tourist attraction” during Halloween 2015. The ceremony included the film’s director and screenwriter, and a plaque was unveiled at the base of the steps, acknowledging its significance in the history of film and its popularity in D.C.

When was The Exorcist staircase in Washington DC built?

Exorcist Steps © Kevin Burkett/Flickr. The flight of stairs was originally built in 1895 on the side of a car barn building that once housed trolley cars—at that time, Washington D.C. still used a cable car system.