Who is better duel Takiya Genji or Tamao Serizawa?

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How did the Genpei War end for Go Shirakawa?

Emperor Go-Shirakawa ‘s son Mochihito felt that he was being denied his rightful place on the throne and, with the help of Minamoto no Yorimasa, sent out a call to arms to the Minamoto clan and Buddhist monasteries in May. However, this plot ended with the deaths of Yorimasa and Mochihito.

Where was Minamoto no Yoshitsune defeated in Genpei War?

Minamoto no Yoshitsune arrived soon afterwards with his brother Noriyori and a considerable force, driving Yoshinaka from the city. After fighting his cousins at the bridge over the Uji, Yoshinaka made his final stand at Awazu, in Ōmi Province. He was defeated by Yoshitsune, and killed while attempting to flee.

Who was behind the call for arms in Genpei War?

The actions of Taira no Kiyomori having deepened Minamoto hatred for the Taira clan, a call for arms was sent up by Minamoto no Yorimasa and Prince Mochihito. Not knowing who was behind this rally, Kiyomori called for the arrest of Mochihito, who sought protection at the temple of Mii-dera.

Who is the winner of GPS vs Serizawa?

Genji came out victor. After the fight with GPS, Serizawa refuses to join GPS as him and his followers believe that had not The Front of Armament arrived, Serizawa would have won.

When does Serizawa and Genji return to Suzuran?

Serizawa defeats Ryo and joins Genji on the roof top. After Genji defeats Taiga and Suzuran’s victory over Housen, the team return back to Suzuran. On Serizawa’s final day of school before graduating, Serizawa places a bet on Genji beating Rindaman in a final fight.

Who is the king of Suzuran in Serizawa Tamao?

At the beginning of the third year, Takiya Genji arrives at the school and graffiti-ed his name over Serizawa’s graffiti, Serizawa, King of Suzuran. After a comical situation when Genji prevents Serizawa from winning money in a game of Octopus (Scramble), Serizawa and Genji are about to fight.