How much do nurses make Manitoba?

Registered Nurse in Winnipeg, MB Area Salaries

Job Title Location Salary
Winnipeg Regional Health Authority Registered Nurse salaries – 6 salaries reported Winnipeg, MB Area $44/hr
Interlake Eastern Regional Health Authority Registered Nurse salaries – 6 salaries reported Winnipeg, MB Area $40/hr

How long have Manitoba nurses been without a contract?

four years
Nurses in Manitoba have been without a collective agreement for four years. Bargaining between health care employers and the union has been ongoing for more than seven months.

Can Manitoba nurses Strike?

Manitoba nurses won’t go on strike after all. The latest update comes after nurses in the province voted overwhelmingly in favour of strike action earlier this month. Of the record nearly 12,000 votes cast, there was an average of 98 per cent support across the province’s five health regions, the union said.

Which province has the highest paid nurses?

Manitoba has one of the highest hourly wages for nurses in the entire country, with the highest possible being $67.13/hour for a Weekend Worker, Class 5 nurse who has been working for more than 20 years. As for the lowest possible wage in Manitoba, it’s $30.58/hour for an LPN who’s just starting out.

Who is in the CUPE union?

Canadian Union of Public Employees
The Canadian Union of Public Employees is Canada’s largest union, with 700,000 members across the country. CUPE represents workers in health care, emergency services, education, early learning and child care, municipalities, social services, libraries, utilities, transportation, airlines and more.

How many members does MNU have?

12,000 members
We represent more than 12,000 members comprised of Registered Nurses, Registered Psychiatric Nurses, Licensed Practical Nurses, Nurse Practitioners and Operating Room Technicians.

How much does a registered nurse make in the US?

Includes the different names for a NP such as APRN’s Advanced Practice Registered Nurses. Here is a list of LPN/LVN salaries for all states in the United States. Use this as a quick reference for total employment figures, hourly wages and average annual salary for Licensed Practical Nurses on a state by state basis.

When does the MNU nurses contract expire?

The contract in effect for four years, expiring March 31, 2017. Salaries: 2013 – 2% general salary increase 2014 – 3.1% (2% general salary increase + 1.1% market adjustment) 2015 – 2% general salary increase 2016 – 3% (2% general salary increase + 1% market adjustment)

How much does a registered nurse make in South Dakota?

Here are all 50 states (plus Washington DC), ranked by average (mean) salary for registered nurses in 2019. 51. South Dakota Average Hourly: $28.63 50. Mississippi

What’s the average salary for a registered nurse in Nevada?

Nevada’s adjusted RN salary average is $84,770 – much higher than its $75,700 non-adjusted salary thanks to a lower cost of living. Following closely behind are California ($84,663) and Texas ($83,478).