How much HP does a B20A have?

This B20A produces 160 PS (118 kW) and 140 lb⋅ft (190 N⋅m) torque in Japan. In Europe this is called B20A1, producing 137 hp (102 kW) and 127 lb. ft (172 Nm). There was also a similar engine named B18A for the 86–89 Accords.

What car has a B20A engine?

The B-series, the B20B variant in particular, is not to be confused with the earlier Honda B20A engine introduced in 1985 and primarily available in the Prelude and Accord-derived vehicles from 1985 to 1991….

Honda B engine
Successor Honda K engine

How much HP does a b16a VTEC have?

While Honda’s B16 makes a pretty small amount of torque, it revs very high and is designed to rev that high. The result is a peak of 187 horsepower from just 1.6L!

Is B20 A VTEC?

The B20 Family By combining the bottom end of the 2.0L and the head of a VTEC B-Series version, many enthusiasts were able to extract plenty of torque and high-end horsepower for their Hondas.

When did the Honda B20A engine come out?

The Honda B20A engine series, known as the B20A and B21A was an inline four-cylinder engine family from Honda introduced in 1985 in the second-generation Honda Prelude. Also available in the contemporary third-generation Honda Accord in the Japanese domestic market, along with the Accord-derived Vigor,…

How are the blocks on a Honda B20A cast?

The 88–91 Prelude B20A and B21A blocks are cast so they lie at an 18-degree angle leaning towards the firewall.

What kind of engine does a Honda Accord have?

In Europe this is called B20A1, produces 137 hp (102 kW) and 127 lb.ft (172 Nm). There was also a similar engine named B18A for the 86–89 Accords. It was a destroked B20A powered by two sidedraft Keihin carbs. The second generation of B20A was found in the 88–91 Prelude.

Is the Honda B engine the same as the B16A?

B16B (Type R) Note: This engine uses the same block as the Integra Type R, which is taller than the B16a block, but with a crank the same stroke as the b16a. It uses longer rods to accommodate for this, which is why the Rod/Stroke ratio is higher than a standard B16.