What is a child referral?

A referral, in the context of child protection, is when someone contacts Children’s Services because they have concerns about the safety and well-being of a child. Anyone can make a referral including a parent, wider family member, friend, doctor, teacher or health visitor.

What should be included in a referral child?

3. Making a Referral

  • All known details of the child, including name, date of birth, family members and address;
  • Any known aliases of adults in family/household;
  • Previous addresses;
  • Any relevant history relating to child or adult family/household members;
  • Factual information about the concern, observation;

When should you refer to your child first?

A referral to Child FIRST should be considered if, after examining the available information, you believe the concerns currently have a low to moderate impact on the child, where the immediate safety of the child is not compromised.

How do I give my child a safeguarding referral?

Initial referrals must be made by phone to the Children and Families Team: 020 7332 3621/1620/3394. Complete the City of London Corporation Multi-Agency Referral Form (MARF), using the Thresholds of Need for guidance. Mark it for the attention of the Duty Social Worker.

When should I refer my child to social services?

Any situation where there is clear evidence of abuse or neglect must always be referred to Social Services, see Recognition of Significant Harm Procedure.

When there is a concern that a child is suffering harm than a referral is made to?

When there are concerns about Significant Harm to a child, the referral must be made immediately by telephone to the MASH – see Section 5, Contact the MASH, followed up by completion of the online Worried About a Child Form. The greater the level of perceived risk, the more urgent the action should be.

Can a social worker speak to a child alone?

Yes. The social worker will want to speak to your child alone, but they should ask you before they do so (unless there are exceptional circumstances, for example they are concerned that you might threaten your child or try to make your child stay silent, or your child doesn’t want you involved).

Are child first and DHHS the same?

Child and family services information, referral and support teams (Child FIRST) – DHHS Services.

What is the role of child First the orange door?

What is the Orange Door? The Orange Door is the new access point for women, children and young people who are experiencing family violence or families who need assistance with the care and wellbeing of children to access the services they need to be safe and supported.

What happens after a mash referral?

Within one working day of a referral being received, a MASH manager should make a decision about the type of response that is required and acknowledge receipt to the referrer. See Action Following Referral of Safeguarding Children Concerns Procedure. WHEN IN DOUBT, CHECK IT OUT – CALL THE MASH.

What to do if you have a safeguarding concern about a child?

Raising a concern

  1. Tell the safeguarding lead of your organisation immediately with as much clear detail as you are able.
  2. If there is an immediate risk of harm or an emergency situation, call 999 for the police immediately and then contact Social Services.