Who is Damone in Family Guy?

Robert Romanus (born July 17, 1956), also billed as Bob Romanus, is an American actor and musician who has starred in film and television….Television.

Year 2013
Title Family Guy
Role Mike Damone (voice role)
Notes Episode: “Chris Cross”

What episode does Chris have a crush on his teacher?

Fast Times at Buddy
Fast Times at Buddy Cianci Jr. High. Chris gets seduced by his new homicidal English teacher; Brian becomes a substitute teacher to a class of thugs.

What episode does Chris live with Herbert?

Chris is fed up with Meg blackmailing him, so he moves in with Mr. Herbert; Stewie and Brian become huge fans of Anne Murray.

What episode of Family Guy has Mrs Lockhart?

Fast Times at Buddy Cianci Jr. High
Mrs. Lana Lockhart is a former teacher at Buddy Cianci Junior High School. She makes her first appearance in “Fast Times at Buddy Cianci Jr. High” as the new English teacher, succeeding Brian Griffin, who himself succeeded Ms.

How old is Phoebe Cates now?

58 years (July 16, 1963)
Phoebe Cates/Age

How old was the cast of Fast Times at Ridgemont High?

IMDb Rating: 7.2

Actor Age then Age now
Sean Penn 22 61
Jennifer Jason Leigh 20 59
Judge Reinhold 25 64
Robert Romanus 26 65

What is the teacher’s name in South Park?

Mr. Herbert J Garrison
Garrison. Mr. Herbert J Garrison (voiced by Trey Parker) has been the children’s teacher throughout most of the series.

Why is Herbert obsessed with Chris?

He is a retired United States Army veteran. He becomes fixated on Chris in “To Love and Die in Dixie” when Chris took up a paper route and developed an unhealthy obsession with him. When the family returned from the South, he left 113 messages asking what had happened to the paper boy.

Who does Seth MacFarlane voice?

Seth MacFarlane voices four of the show’s main characters: Peter Griffin, Brian Griffin, Stewie Griffin, and Glenn Quagmire. MacFarlane chose to voice these characters himself, believing it would be easier to portray the voices he had already envisioned than for someone else to attempt it.

Who is the voice of Jillian on Family Guy?

Drew BarrymoreFamily Guy
Jillian Russell-Wilcox/Voiced by
Family Guy (TV Series 1999– ) – Drew Barrymore as Jillian Russell, Mrs. Lockhart – IMDb.

Why is it called James Woods High School?

James Wood High School owes its name to a famous Revolutionary War colonel, James Wood, who was also governor of Virginia from 1796 to 1799. As Frederick County grew, the need for a larger school became evident.

What is Phoebe Cates doing now?

In 2015, Cates lent her voice to a Lego-themed video game, playing her character from Gremlins. This was her last acting credit to date. As for her other interests, Cates owns and operates a clothing boutique in Manhattan called Blue Tree, which she opened in 2005.