What are synonyms of untidy?

Synonyms & Antonyms of untidy

  • chaotic,
  • cluttered,
  • confused,
  • disarranged,
  • disarrayed,
  • disheveled.
  • (or dishevelled),
  • disordered,

What is another word for Lee?

What is another word for lee?

cover protection
shelter refuge
shield screen
shade shadow
haven safety

What is the synonym of difficult Lee?

1 toilsome, arduous, onerous, burdensome, difficult, hard, tiresome, wearisome, fatiguing. 4 hardworking, industrious, assiduous, sedulous, painstaking. See synonyms for laborious on Thesaurus.com.

What’s another word for gently?

synonyms for gently

  • lightly.
  • mildly.
  • smoothly.
  • blandly.

What is the opposite of Lee?

Windward (/ˈwɪndwərd, ˈwɪnərd/) is the direction upwind from the point of reference, i.e. towards the direction from which the wind is coming. Leeward (/ˈliːwərd, ˈljuːərd/) is the direction downwind from the point of reference, i.e. along the direction towards which the wind is going.

What is a synonym for most difficult?

synonyms for more difficult

  • arduous.
  • crucial.
  • demanding.
  • onerous.
  • problematic.
  • severe.
  • tough.
  • troublesome.

What is the difference between disheveled and unkempt?

As adjectives the difference between dishevelled and unkempt is that dishevelled is (of a person) with the hair uncombed while unkempt is dishevelled; untidy; dirty; not kept up.

What is the prefix for untidy?

For example, the prefix ‘un-‘ is added to the word ‘tidy’ to form ‘untidy’.

Are there any synonyms for the word untidy?

Untidy synonyms – 697 Words and Phrases for Untidy Another way to say Untidy? Synonyms for Untidy (other words and phrases for Untidy). Log in Synonymsfor Untidy

What does it mean if your closet is untidy?

— John Anderson, WSJ, 27 Apr. 2021 My closet is typically a hair-raising tumble of clothes—some haphazardly hung, some stacked on shelves in untidy, teetering piles.

What do you call a girl with untidy hair?

UNTIDY The girl is described as Irish, aged between 15 and 18, with blonde, shoulderlength, untidy hair. There are untidy gardens, boarded-up windows and illegal parking. ve prospective buyers said they would be put off a property if it had an untidy boy or girl’s bedroom.