What are the contents of first aid?

Contents of a basic first aid kit

  • plasters in a variety of different sizes and shapes.
  • small, medium and large sterile gauze dressings.
  • at least two sterile eye dressings.
  • triangular bandages.
  • crêpe rolled bandages.
  • safety pins.
  • disposable sterile gloves.
  • tweezers.

What are the 5 key steps in providing first aid?

Here are the 5 Steps to First Aid:

  1. Recognize the emergency. Does someone look like they’re in trouble?
  2. Call 911 if you think you should.
  3. Ask them questions in case the situation escalates to unconsciousness.
  4. Be kind and calm.
  5. Be a Steward of the person.

What are the proper procedures in giving first aid to the injury?


  • apply and maintain pressure to the wound with your gloved hand, using a clean pad or dressing if possible; continue to apply pressure until the bleeding stops.
  • use a clean dressing to bandage the wound firmly.

What are the 2 main skills for providing CPR?

There are two commonly known versions of CPR: For healthcare providers and those trained: conventional CPR using chest compressions and mouth-to-mouth breathing at a ratio of 30:2 compressions-to-breaths.

What is 3 P’s?

The three Ps of business, people, product and process, is a concept that has been floating around for decades and has been used by countless organizations to improve and enhance their performance.

What to put in a Class B First Aid Kit?

The supplies and quantities for Class B first aid kits are also found in Table 1 of ANSI/ISEA Z308.1-2015. First aid kits designated Class B contain two items not found in Class A ones: a splint and a tourniquet. They also possess all the items found in Class A kits, but in greater quantities. Types of First Aid Kit Containers

What are the requirements for Ansi first aid kit?

ANSI (The American National Standard Institute) provides a list of non-mandatory minimum requirements for workplace first aid kits.

Where to keep a travel first aid kit?

The travel kit is for true trips away from home. Keep it in a suitcase or backpack or drybag (for example, a zip lock plastic bag), depending on the activity. A first aid kit for everyday use in the car should be just like the home first aid kit.

Which is the reference guide for basic first aid?

Printed in the United States of America. BKBFA-08N (11/08) This handbook serves as a reference guide for basic first aid. For the purpose of this program, basic first aid is defined as assessments and interventions that can be performed with minimal or no medical equipment.1A first aid provider is