What happened to Jessica Soho in state of the nation?

Soho will still be hosting the award-winning magazine show ‘Kapuso Mo, Jessica Soho’. In a previous report on Pep, Soho has resigned from the news show effective at the end of December 2020. She has also retired from the news department a few years ago.

What time is State of the Nation with Jessica Soho?

If you want informative news at weekdays 9pm, watch this show.

Is Jessica Soho a news anchor?

Maria Jessica Aspiras Soho (born March 27, 1964), simply known as Jessica Soho, is a multi-awarded Filipina broadcast journalist known as the host of the news magazine program Kapuso Mo, Jessica Soho on GMA Network and formerly anchored the newscast State of the Nation with Jessica Soho on GMA News TV.

Does Jessica Soho have a husband?

Jessica Soho daughter and husband Despite the presumptions of the public, Jessica is not married and does not have any children.

Is KMJS scripted?

GMA7’s long-running show, “Kapuso Mo, Jessica Soho (KMJS),” was quick to refute allegations that their child labor story featuring a 10-year-old boy from Sultan Kudarat was “scripted.” In a statement, the show maintained the report was based on research involving a real person, Reymark Mariano, and his family.

Is Jessica Soho Ilocano?

Maria Jessica Aspiras Soho, or simply Jessica Soho is a Filipino television presenter, journalist and reporter of Chinese and Ilocano descent, with origins in China and La Union.

Does Jessica Soho has husband?

Despite the presumptions of the public, Jessica is not married and does not have any children.

Who is the father of Jessica Soho?

Abelardo Soho
Jessica Soho/Fathers

What is the purpose of Kapuso Mo Jessica Soho?

KAPUSO MO, JESSICA SOHO (One at Heart, Jessica Soho) is currently the top-rating primetime News and Public Affairs program in the Philippines. It features socio-cultural stories, current issues, food features, lifestyle trends and special events worldwide.

What kind of program is Jessica Soho?

News magazine

Kapuso Mo, Jessica Soho
Title card since 2019
Also known as One at Heart, Jessica Soho KMJS
Genre News magazine
Presented by Jessica Soho