How many #1s does Monica have?

Monica has achieved six number one hits on the Billboard Hot R&B/Hip-Hop Songs chart, and she was the first artist to top the chart in the 1990s, 2000s, and 2010s. Usher, Mary J. Blige, Trey Songz, Tyrese, Wyclef Jean, and Keyshia Cole are among the many artists who have recorded with Monica.

How many albums has Monica sold?

5.3 million albums
Monica has sold 5.3 million albums in the United States and she is recognized as one of the most successful urban R&B female vocalists to begin a career in the mid to late 1990s.

What album is Monica’s commitment on?


What was Brandy’s first album?

Brandy/First album

Who was more successful Brandy or Monica?

As an artist, Monica has had more success in urban markets rather than in mainstream media. Brandy has had more success with her music across charts, as she’s had more crossover appeal. Monica, on the other hand, has focused primarily on music and touring.

What is Brandy’s biggest song?

The Boy Is Mine
The biggest hit of Brandy’s career—and one that will surely be played at the Verzuz battle—”The Boy Is Mine” drew inspiration from Paul McCartney and Michael Jackson’s “The Girl Is Mine,” but shifted the perspective.

Who has more #1 hits Brandy or Monica?

Monica scored two more #1 pop hits after her collaboration with Brandy: “The First Night” and “Angel of Mine.” She even named her album “The Boy Is Mine.” Brandy wasn’t too happy about that. Monica is considered to have more range than Brandy, and a powerhouse, soulful voice that can span hip-hop, R&B and pop genres.

What is Monica’s new song called?

“Commitment” is a song recorded by American R&B singer Monica for her yet-to-be-released ninth studio album, Trenches….Commitment (Monica song)

Released January 11, 2019
Recorded 2018
Genre R&B
Length 2:43

What was Brandy’s biggest hit?

Brandy’s 20 Best Songs

  1. of 20. “Baby Mama” ft. Chance the Rapper.
  2. of 20. “The Boy Is Mine” with Monica.
  3. of 20. “What About Us?”
  4. of 20. “Baby”
  5. of 20. “Have You Ever?”
  6. of 20. “Sittin’ Up In My Room”
  7. of 20. “Wildest Dreams”
  8. of 20. “Right Here (Departed)”

When did Miss Thang by Monica come out?

Miss Thang is the debut studio album by American R&B recording artist Monica. It was released by Rowdy Records and distributed through the Arista label on July 18, 1995 in the United States. Recorded throughout her early teenage years, the album was conceived under the guidance of Rowdy head Dallas Austin who would emerge as…

Who is the singer of Miss Thang album?

Miss Thang is the debut studio album by American R&B recording artist Monica.

When did Monica come out with Don’t take It personal?

Among the most successful and enduring R&B artists since 1995, the year she debuted with “Don’t Take It Personal.”