How do you find summary statistics on TI-84?

TI-84: Summarizing Data Numerically

  1. First enter your data. Go to: [STAT] “1: Edit”. [ENTER].
  2. To view the items in the summary, go to: [STAT] “Calc” “1: 1-Var Stats” [ENTER]. Use the arrow keys to scroll down.
  3. An explanation of each piece of information is in the chart below.

What is the five-number summary in math?

A five-number summary is especially useful in descriptive analyses or during the preliminary investigation of a large data set. A summary consists of five values: the most extreme values in the data set (the maximum and minimum values), the lower and upper quartiles, and the median.

What is the 5 number summary in stats?

Where is factorial on calculator?

Find the factorial of a number on a scientific calculator, enter the number and press the “x!” key. This may require you to press “shift,” “2nd” or “alpha” first depending on your model of calculator and the location of the symbol. Press “=” to get the result.

What is the five-number summary for the following data set?

The five number summary of a set of data is the minimum, first quartile, second quartile, third quartile, and maximum. The lower quartile, also known as Q1, is the median of the lower half of the data. The largest number in a data set.

How to use TI-84 to perform one variable statistics function?

How to use the TI-84 to perform one variable statistics function, 1-Var Stats, which gives the sample mean, xbar; the population mean, mu; the sample and population standard deviations,Sx and sigma-x; the sum of x and x^2; the sample size, n; and the five number summary: min, Q1, med, Q3, and max.

Where can I find a five number summary?

The main reason you’ll want to find a five-number summary is to find more useful statistics, like the interquartile range IQR, sometimes called the middle fifty. How to enter data as a frequency table? Simple. First-type data elements (separated by spaces or commas, etc.), then type f: and further write frequency of each data item.

How to find the 5-number summary, variance and standard?

Find the 5-number summary use down arrow key to scroll all the way down * minX is the minimum value * Q1 is the first quartile * Med is median * Q3 is the third quartile * maxX is the maximum value